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Janne Lynch, DDS

Janne Lynch, DDS

Dr. Janne Lynch moved to the Valley in 2007 to practice cosmetic dentistry in Phoenix, Arizona. She and her husband fell in love with the area after vacationing here. Her passion for cosmetic dentistry first started on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. She also completed a year of externship working as a dentist for the underserved in rural Texas, where she gained valuable experience in oral surgery. Here in Scottsdale, she offers cosmetic expertise with her surgical experience and excellent cosmetic training to her patients.

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Scott W. Hirsbrunner, DDS

Scott W. Hirsbrunner, DMD

If there is anything that guides Dr. Scott W. Hirsbrunner in his approach to dentistry, it can be summed up in one sentence: He wants to be the kind of doctor that he would choose for him and his family to go to. For Dr. Hirsbrunner, this means approaching each patient as a unique individual with empathy and a genuine interest in their lives. His work is founded on ethics and focused on providing an honest, accurate assessment of oral health for every patient in his practice.

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