Can an aching tooth send you to the emergency room? For an estimated two million people in 2012, the answer is yes. Up from just over one million visits to the emergency room in 2010, more people are turning to the emergency room to meet their dental care needs when what could be a minor problem suddenly turns serious. Across the socioeconomic spectrum, even just finding the time to visit the dentist can be a major hurdle. For many people, getting dental care is more a matter of scheduling than anything else. A Scottsdale weekend dentist fulfilled a vital role for our community.

Why Scottsdale needed a weekend dentist

While lack of insurance may cause some people to avoid regular checkups, even insured patients struggle to fit a visit into their busy weekly schedules. The problem is not limited to adults. Record numbers of children are visiting the emergency room for dental emergencies as their first interaction with any kind of oral care.

The American Dental Association estimates that almost all of those nearly two million emergency room visits in 2012 could have been referred to a weekend emergency dentist, saving over $1.5 billion dollars annually. A dentist open on weekends could treat many of these issues before they require emergency care.

The problem of missing work is another reason a weekend dentist is crucial. For many people, taking time off work to visit the dentist just isn’t a possibility. Getting childcare and shuffling afterschool transportation if your appointment runs long or you get stuck in a waiting room can make this even more complicated. While some might propose taking a sick day, personal leave, or vacation time, your job may not allow for these options. If you have just started a new job that doesn’t offer these benefits, or you are still in probationary period waiting for them to activate, time off during the week just won’t work.

Your teeth don’t take a break over the weekend, and neither do we. At AZ Dentist, we offer extended office hours that fit your schedule.

With many dentists closing up shop by 4 pm on Friday or only offering limited morning appointments on weekends, it can be difficult to schedule regular checkups. These “banker’s hours” just don’t work with our hectic schedules. At AZ Dentist we know because we have families of our own, and we, too, struggle with the challenge of getting everyone to see the dentist!

We make scheduling a dentist on the weekends easy

As your Scottsdale weekend dentist, we make scheduling your appointment fast and easy. Whether you choose to schedule your appointment online or by phone, our friendly office staff will work hard to find times and dates that fit your busy life. If you need more than one appointment, or back-to-back appointments for more than one family member, we are happy to accommodate you. Our job is to make scheduling your visit as easy and painless as possible.

When you arrive for your appointment, your comfort is of paramount importance. A spacious courtyard leads into our comfortable lobby with French doors that open to the view of a lush park. Each treatment room offers privacy for individual patients as well as a beautiful view into a park.

AZ Dentist offers holistic and comprehensive care for your beautiful, healthy smile. Dr. Janne Lynch believes in personalized care for each patient. Their commitment to ongoing professional learning in addition to their extensive licenses and certifications mean that your standard of care is high. Both dentists want to offer the same care they would want from their own dentists. This means developing long-lasting relationships and providing care when you need it, at your convenience.

AZ Dentist weekend hours and availability

We know that your life is busy with work, family, and friends. We also know what it’s like to try to squeeze in yet another appointment in an already tight week.

For that reason, we specialize in weekend appointments, with availability by appointment on Saturday.

Why do we want to be your Scottsdale weekend dentist? Your oral health is important to us, and it should be important to you, too. We make it easy and convenient for you to take care of yourself with a wide range of available appointments. If you need to schedule multiple appointments for several months at a time, we are happy to help with that, too, online, over the phone, or in our office.

At AZ Dentist, we want to be your Scottsdale weekend dentist. Get in touch today to see how easy it is to schedule time for a beautiful, healthy smile at one of our Phoenix area clinics!

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