Deep cleaning is a procedure that is also known as scaling or root planing. It’s done to meticulously clean root surfaces inside the periodontal pocket in order to remove plaque.

How does a deep cleaning work?

The dentist or hygienist will first numb the areas of your mouth that you have decided to treat. Anesthetic injections or a very strong numbing gel will numb your tissues for treatment.

Depending on your comfort, you may also decide to utilize nitrous oxide during your scaling and root planing treatment. Nitrous oxide can help you relax mentally, and additionally will relax your jaw muscles. This makes it a little easier for the hygienist or dentist to do their work.

The Cavitron system

Your dental professional will use an instrument called a “Cavitron” for deep cleaning. This is an instrument that has ultrasonic vibration to clean teeth. It also shoots water, or a disinfectant and antibacterial mouthwash, out of its tip.

This instrument can dislodge calculus from around and under gumline. The Cavitron or Ultrasonic Scaler works much faster than when a practitioner uses hand instruments alone. The addition of a bactericidal agent to the ultrasonic scaling means that the bacteria in your mouth infecting the periodontium are much less likely to enter your bloodstream.

Is a deep cleaning necessary?

Your dentist will work closely with you to determine when deep cleaning is necessary. It’s a vital tool for many patients, however.

The old school of thought was that alveolar bone could not grow back. The alveolar bone is the thick ridge of bone that holds the tooth sockets that hold your teeth. Previous thinking assumed that it could be maintained at its current level, but that it would not grow back if there was damage or decay.

Today, however, we offer laser therapy deep cleaning. These lasers have shown to help with some minor alveolar bone regrowth. This can improve the overall quality and structure of your mouth.

When you are diagnosed with periodontal disease, you must form a partnership with your dental office to combat it. This can help save your teeth by maintaining bone levels where they currently are.

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