Janne Lynch, DDS
Janne Lynch, DDS

Dr. Janne Lynch is a respected Scottsdale dentist. Her position has required a tremendous amount of training, work, and continued refinement. She moved to the Valley in 2007 to practice cosmetic dentistry in Arizona. She and her husband fell in love with the area after vacationing here, and continue to raise their five children here.

Her passion for cosmetic dentistry first started on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. She also completed a year of externship working as a dentist for the underserved in rural Texas. Here, she gained valuable experience in oral surgery. Now in Scottsdale, she offers cosmetic expertise with her surgical experience and excellent cosmetic training to her patients.

Dr. Janne Lynch’s approach 

Dr. Lynch considers her journey in dentistry an ongoing one, and she is passionate about staying abreast of the most up-to-date dental health information and current best practices from both allopathic and biologic schools of thought. That way, she can deliver world-class dental care to her patients, giving them many options for treatments.

Her efforts have resulted in an extremely rewarding and very successful career in dentistry. Dr. Lynch continues to pursue excellence in every area of dentistry–from knowledge about the direct health effects that your mouth has on your overall health status and well-being, to technical innovations in aesthetic dentistry, to industry-leading development of AZ Dentist.

One special area that Dr. Janne Lynch is concerned with is patient care. She takes time to listen to each patient in order to understand their health concerns and specific goals.

Journey to dentistry

Dr. Lynch’s journey to dentistry was inspired by her desire to be a person who helps others. After she graduated from college, her first job was as a social worker for children and families. It was at this job that she took one of the children in her caseload to the dentist with a toothache. Dr. Lynch saw that dentist fix the toothache in ONE visit. This was a turning point in her life.

Dr. Janne Lynch states:

“I was blown away by the immediate help this dentist gave a young girl by taking away her excruciating toothache pain, in about a half an hour. I realized that he had concretely helped her. It inspired me, and was a turning point in my life. My primary motivation for choosing social work as a career was helping people. As a young person just out of college, I was struggling with that choice because the help I was giving my clients seemed flimsy to me. It was not very tangible and when it was tangible, it was not lasting. I wasn’t satisfied.

Of course I had been to a dentist before, but I was mostly scared of the dentist because of early experiences as a child at the dentist. Before seeing the dentist help my client with the toothache, I had never thought about the dentist office as anything other than being a place I didn’t really like to visit. But when I saw the dentist help that girl, I decided I wanted to learn more about what dentists do.

As I learned about dentistry being a marriage of science and artistic skill, with the added bonus of physically being able to help people, I was hooked. From that point on, all of my plans were about becoming a dentist.”

Educational background

While Dr. Lynch was in high school, she won both city-wide and school art competitions for her sculpture. She graduated from Oral Roberts University with honors with a minor in chemistry. With her artistic talent, strong science background, and desire to help people, she was sought after by many top dental schools.

Dr. Lynch ultimately selected the prestigious New York University College of Dentistry for her dental education. She chose New York University because of its intense hands-on training, combined with rigorous academics, and of course, because of the Larry Rosenthal Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry at NYU. Dr. Lynch graduated in the top of her class in 2005.

Dr. Janne Lynch practiced dentistry in both Manhattan and in Texas before settling in Scottsdale.