For most patients, traditional sleep studies are time-consuming, inconvenient, and generally difficult to complete. Going to a hospital or lab for a study can be intimidating and difficult to get any real sleep. AZ Dentist offers an excellent alternative to this with our in-home sleep test that you can use as a home sleep apnea test in Phoenix. 

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Our home sleep test

We utilize the SleepMed ARES device for our in-home sleep tests. It wears comfortably as a headband with nose canulas. This miniaturized recorder is capable of recording:

  • Oxygen saturation
  • Pulse rate
  • Snoring levels
  • Head position/movement
  • Nasal pressure

These devices are far less intrusive than traditional lab sleep studies and simple to use. The best part is that you can keep your normal sleep routine and do the sleep study in the comfort of your own home.

SleepMed ARES Device

How it works

When your physician orders a sleep study, one of our professional technicians will schedule a time that works for you to bring the in-home sleep test to you. They will go over the device with you in person and educate you on how it works and how to use it.

The next day, they will also pick up the device and coordinate your consultation for the results of your study. They can even come to you on a Saturday for delivery or pick up of the device. 

View the ARES Instructional PDF

Want to learn more? Reach out to one of our sleep apnea dentists in Phoenix today! The team at AZ Dentist is always ready to help you manage your sleep disorder issues.

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